Your immortal lover would be...


Your lover is the king of the gods. Just like you, you need someone who commands attention, who isn't afraid of getting what they want. You have proven yourself worthy of greatness and so greatness you shall recieve.

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if you're here - hi!! im bella and im currently a freshman in hs. i've been through multiple spins & hypefixations through the years, but the ones that stayed with me the strongest are names (here's my shrine to it lawl), five nights at freddy's (here's my currently-under-heavy construction webpage for my au), history (my favorite time periods are the wild west, 1880/90s/early 1900s and american social history from late 1930s onwards!)

im a baby alt who can't do eyeliner. i swing between tradgoth, mallgoth and punk. i am also an evil female manipulator and will fuck your mom. autistic and unafraid to use it.

name hoard: scott, arthur, bella (current fav as of 02/04/24!), olive, evensong